Join us and let's commit to

Loving, Sharing, and Growing as we do life together!

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Loving God  with all our heart, mind, soul and strength as we love our neighbors as ourselves


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 Sharing God’s good news as we commit to share our lives together

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 Growing in our knowledge and understanding of God as we consistently grow in our spiritual
maturity and in our relationships with one another!




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Discover: Inviting all possible to an intimate relationship with God and His Church.

Develop: Guiding all possible to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God, His mission and His purpose.

Deploy: Engaging all possible in life-changing ministry, mission, and service of our community, city, and world - practicing what we've learned.

Duplicate: Teaching all possible the things we have Discovered, Developed, and Deployed.



To Discover more about Shively please attend one of our Discover Shively Classes or call our church office.

For more information please contact us

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